Man Sent to Prison for Shooting Missouri Trooper

Wright County Prosecutor John Tyrrell is pleased to announce that on May 16, 2022, Judge Bock sentenced Colby Rey to 30 years  in prison for first-degree assault on a special victim and 20 years for armed criminal action to the Missouri Department of Corrections. His sentences will run concurrently with probation denied.

On July 18, 2018, a call for a suspicious vehicle near Mansfield, Missouri was reported. Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Crewse responded. Rey was asked several times to exit the vehicle to speak with Trooper Crewse. The Defendant refused. Additional officers from Mansfield Police Department, Wright County Sheriff Office, Mountain Grove Police Department and Hartville Police Department responded. Rey still refused to exit the vehicle. Rey shot multiple rounds at officers and the officers returned fire. One bullet went through the top of Trooper Crewse’s hat, injuring his head. Another went into his bullet-proof vest. Rey managed to get down an embankment nearby and ecape. Rey was later apprehended by Hartville Police Department and Mountain Grove Police Department.

On February 8, 2022 Rey entered an Alfred plea of guilt, only for his attorney to file a motion to withdraw the guilty plea. This motion was denied after argument and a judgment was entered. Prosecuting Attorney Tyrrell had Trooper Crewse’s vest and hat at the hearing, using a wooden rod to show the bullet’s path for Judge Bock.  Judge Bock also viewed the video of the shooting that was filmed from a Mansfield Police Department body camera.

Wright County Prosecutor Tyrrell states: “There are certain cases that you will always remember, and I will never forget this case.  I want this case to serve as a reminder that Wright County loves and supports the law enforcement who work in this County.  To harm one of our law enforcement members will result in a severe punishment. We are protected by very brave men and women who serve in law enforcement.  Trooper Crewse, Chief Hanger, Officer Travis Black, Trooper Don Jones, Sheriff Adler, Officer Bobby Willhite, and Det. Scott Linton and other law enforcement who were there that day to confront a dangerous man that tried to kill one of our Troopers are to be commended for the work they did to apprehend the Defendant. This case also needs to serve as a reminder of the power of prayer.  The bullets that struck Trooper Crewse did not hit the protective portion of his vest.  The hat he wears provides no protection from gunshots.  God’s grace and protection saved Trooper Crewse.  The Defendant received a sentence that will keep him in prison for a long time. I am happy with this result. Furthermore, it brings closure to the Crewse family.“