Wright County and COVID-19

From the Desk of John Tyrrell, Wright County Prosecutor.

As you all know, the Covid-19, also known as the Corona Virus, has impacted our daily lives.  There are various orders that have been implemented at the state and local levels to minimize the spread of the virus.  Throughout this challenging time, the County has been adapting and functioning to serve the citizens of Wright County.

The Courthouse has remained open for business.  Employees and elected officials have continued to do their jobs.  The public is not admitted for the safety of the courthouse staff, but we are still conducting business.  Various other precautions have been taken to ensure safety of the Courthouse personnel including work from home, rotations, and other common-sense approaches. 

The Prosecutor’s office is blessed with great staff.  The office has functioned, and cases are being handled with the focus of keeping the community safe a priority.  Even though the Supreme Court of Missouri has for the most part prohibited in person court appearances, we are still conducting court via video conferencing or phone conferences.   I want to thank the Circuit Clerk and the Judges for their commitment and flexibility in still moving the cases forward. 

Our local law enforcement in our cities and the county deserves our appreciation.  They are out there every day in the middle of the challenges that we are facing. Not only are they trying to protect the citizens from the crime that occurs in our cities and County, but also trying to protect themselves from becoming sick with the virus.  Be sure to thank the men and women in law enforcement in our community for their continued service.  They are still fighting crime. The cases they make are being filed and processed through the court system.

                                                                                                                John Tyrrell

                                                                                        Wright County Prosecutor