End of Year Review

John Tyrrell, Wright County Prosecutor’s end of year review for 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

 The Prosecutor’s Office is still maintaining and utilizing the paperless filing system. The system allows the office to process a large volume of cases quickly and efficiently.  It also helps the County with saving space and cost of storage.   

In 2021, the office filed 3837 cases, which consisted of 871 criminal cases and 2966 traffic cases.  In 2022, the office filed 3430 cases, which consisted of 1048 criminal cases and 2382 traffic cases.  In 2023, the office filed 3566 cases, which consisted of 1101 criminal cases and 2465 traffic cases.  Each year resulted in an increase in criminal case filing numbers. The office has been able to maintain the current staff levels even though there has been an increase in case numbers.  I attribute that to the overall efficiency of the office and most importantly the staff of the office.  Even with the increase in case numbers, I have maintained my role as serving as legal counselor to the County and juvenile attorney.  I appreciate the Commission maintaining the funding of the Prosecutor’s Office that is needed to allow myself and the staff to serve Wright County.

The office continues to work very hard at collecting restitution for victims of crimes.  In 2021 we collected $76,407.29.  In 2022 we collected $95,826.27.  In 2023 we collected $117,169.32.  The office does not only collect restitution for victims, we also provide services to victims such as notification of court appearances, bond hearings, and case dispositions.  In 2021 the office provided services to 243 new victims.  In 2022 provided services to 284 new victims.  In 2023, provided services to 346 new victims.  Victim services is very important to the office and is monitored.  The Victim Advocate position is grant funded. The total number of contacts the Vicitm Advocate had with victims during 2021: 5086 contacts, 2022: 5451 contacts, 2023: 5724 contacts. 

The Prosecutor’s office is responsible for child support enforcement.  In 2021 we collected $86,488.11.  In 2022 we collected $178,601.85.  In 2023 we collected $210,387.31. 

The Office is busy, but I want to thank the citizens of Wright County for the opportunity to serve. I also want to thank law enforcement for their dedication and professionalism.  Finally, I want to thank Erin, Sabrina, Terra, Heather, and Brenda, employees of the Prosecutor’s Office, for their efforts in keeping the office functioning and seeking justice.