Murder in the Second Degree Jury Verdict

John Tyrrell, Wright County Prosecutor, was successful in a jury trial in Christian County. A Christian County jury found Ricky Arnold from Memphis, guilty of Murder in the Second Degree and felony Resisting a Lawful Stop.

The events occurred on June 9, 2022 on Highway 60 and ending on Cravens Road in Wright County Missouri. Trooper Dedmon, while on routine patrol, attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding. The suspect vehicle, being operated by the Defendant fled from Trooper Dedmon. The Trooper pursued the vehicle even after it left the highway onto Cravens Road. Dash cam from the Trooper’s car revealed that the suspect vehicle was fleeing at a high rate of speed on a two lane road with homes in the area. The vehicle reached gravel, lost control, left the roadway, collided with a tree killing the passenger. The passenger was identified as Lameika Dixson. Trooper Gruben, testified to the crash reconstruction and how the operation of the vehicle by the Defendant was dangerous.

The case was tried May 1st through the 3rd because of a change of venue motion filed by the Defendant. Judge Laura Johnson presided over the case and conducted a fair and efficient trial. After the jury rendered a verdict of guilty, the case proceeded to jury sentencing. The jury heard statements from Trooper Dedmon and Ms. Dixson’s brother. The Defendant also testified. After deliberation the jury returned a sentence of 19 years on Murder in the Second Degree and 4 years on Resisting a Lawful Stop. Sentencing will be held July 11 in Christian County.

John Tyrrell states, “I want to the thank Troopers Dedmon and Gruben for their work and dedication to this case. This case is an example of if the Defendant had just stopped a life would have been saved. He elected not to stop that day and will be held accountable for that decision. I want to thank the citizens of Christian County who were selected to serve as jurors. They were patient and considered all the evidence before reaching their decisions. I appreciate Christian County Prosecutor Kristen Tuohy making her office and staff available to assist in the logistics, and allowing Assistant Prosecutor Chris Aiken to sit through the trial to provide assistance when needed. This a great result and brings closure for family that lost a loved one needlessly that day.”