Press Release: Full Time Victim Advocate

Press Release

John Tyrrell, Wright County Prosecutor, is pleased to announce the addition of a victim advocate.  Brenda Cameron was hired to serve as the full-time victim advocate in the Wright County Prosecutor’s Office.  This is a grant reimbursed position with little cost to the County. 

Brenda has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a victim advocate.  She served as victim advocate in the State of Idaho prior to moving to Missouri.  While here in Missouri, she served as a dispatcher in the Wright County 911 center prior to coming to the Wright County Prosecutor’s office. 

Brenda started in the office January 2020.  She has been a great compliment to a wonderful staff.  Her presence has freed up other staff members to focus on other tasks for the office.  Her priorities include keeping victims updated on the cases that concern them.  She assists in bond hearing notification and putting victims into contact with counseling and services.

John Tyrrell says, “Brenda has been a great addition to the office. Her experience and knowledge have been beneficial to this office and the victims we serve.  I am very thankful for her commitment to the Prosecutor’s office.”