Over $81,000.00 Collected for Businesses and Victims

John Tyrrell, the Wright County Prosecutor is pleased to report that over $81,000.00 in restitution has been collected by the Wright County Prosecutor’s for 2019. 

The Prosecutor’s Office works hard to collect restitution for victims of crime.  Restitution would include not only the value of stolen property or medical bills, but also damages from property damage and bad checks.  Erin Dickinson assists Mr. Tyrrell in the collection of restitution.  Ms. Dickinson is instrumental in the collection of bad checks for local businesses in the County. 

John Tyrrell says, “being a former small business owner prior to coming into office, I place a high priority on the collection of bad checks for our local businesses, and I would encourage any business to allow us to collect their bad checks for them.  When victims suffer financial loss due to the criminal activity of others, I want to do everything we can to make that victim whole, and Erin does a wonderful job in making that happen.”